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Quebec-based insurtech, allai, has come up with an AI recipe to rival tech disruptors like Lemonade.

What we're launching


Friction, insurance is filled with it.


Most Canadians don't understand when or what they are covered for and primarily only interact when it's the moment of truth or during a claim.

Our mission is to provide ready to use AI capabilities for insurance, to enable Canadian insurers and brokers to simplify the insurance experience and delight the insured, while helping Canadians demystify the complexities of an insurance policy.

Our team, a talented and innovative group made up of cutting edge technology wizards and Canadian insurance industry warriors, have a deep understanding of the technology, the ethical boundaries and regulatory constraints for AI in Canadian Insurance.

Our AI capabilities cover various areas of underwriting, claims and billing using cutting edge AI tech in computer vision and natural language.


How we're building it

For Canadian insurance. In a time when startups are looking to disrupt incumbents, tech companies provide AI technology that requires handing over your data IP and when leading academics are focusing their energy and resources on advancing AI, not on insurance, we are focused on building and launching production ready insurance AI capabilities engineered to help Canadians.


AI Micr0


Each of our insurance AI capabilities is engineered as a separate micro-service exposed through API's, packaged in containers, that allows scaling to any size. Select, deploy and use only the AI micro-services that add value for your customers.

IP Friendly

Our insurance AI technology architecture allows brokers and insurers to deploy and run completely in their own data center, not requiring to share valuable data IP. Our insurance AI technology also supports major cloud providers including Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Multi Channel

Use our insurance AI capabilities in mobile apps, as part of core insurance systems and processes, in either home-grown IP or with COTS platforms, or to ignite your post app era strategy. From GUI to NUI.

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